Boardeye by Axar Digital for Board Meetings

Boardeye by Axar Digital

Start a board meeting and invite anyone to join you – even people who don’t use boardeye by axar digital. Board meetings can be almost as fun as meeting in person.

What should you know about Boardeye by Axar Digital for board meetings?

As you already know, webinar technology provides entrepreneurs with a wide variety of services that have a positive impact on their activities. Thanks to this amazing development in the field of management, today it has become much easier to manage people. After all, now, in order to control your subordinates, you do not have to leave the workplace. Broadeye by Axar Digital is your key to success. Choose a venue for the event that will be able to provide the technical conditions for the virtual part: stable wired internet for the broadcast team and organizers; stable Wi-Fi for participants, the ability to place video.

Board meeting with Boadeye by Axar Digital is not limited to communication. Other options are available here:

  1. Demonstration of web presentations. An employee makes a presentation about a specific problem and demonstrates it to other participants.
  2. Joint browsing of sites or applications. When one of the participants starts screen sharing on their computer, others can view the sites or programs running on it.
  3. Chat. Participants can exchange text messages.
  4. Survey. A quick way to vote on a specific issue and make the final decision.
  5. Meeting recording. If any of the participants missed the meeting or some parts of it, they can later view the recording of the meeting.

Broadeye by Axar Digital is the best platform for all kinds of events online. This site is arranged quite easily and simply, so you should not have any difficulties related to its operation. You can also find there a lot of useful information for yourself, including: and how to conduct an online meeting. The webinar system will allow you to forget about long and painful business trips. After all, now you and your partners will be able to solve all the problems that have arisen with the help of online meetings, which will help save your time and money. As you can see, this completely new technology can increase the efficiency of the enterprise several times over, so jump into the webinars right now!

The Main Advantages of Structured Digital Database Software of Boardeye by Axar Digital

Boadeye by Axar Digital is a good option for conference calls and board meetings. The service offers quick online meetings with simple sharing tools allowing all team members to join the work from any device. There are applications for all operating systems, including mobile phones, allowing you to hold meetings on the go. Optionally, you can also add toll-free numbers to your plan and allow users to dial a number to join a conference call.

The structured digital database software of Boadeye by Axar Digital has the following advantages:

  • there is no need to download special software;
  • all participants will be able to log in from the browser in the program there is a simple constructor that will help to design the interface in accordance with the topic of the meeting or the corporate style of the organization;
  • will help you manage the process from your mobile;
  • simple registration, if you have a Google account, then all information is linked automatically;
  • supported on all platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android;
  • simple and intuitive interface.